Huron House Bed and Breakfast

The Huron House Bed and Breakfast in Oscoda, Michigan, is packed during the summer but was looking to boost occupancy during the cooler months and land media attention for its prime lakeside location. In the first 3-months of working together, the bed and breakfast was featured on local television, radio, and newspapers, as well as national radio and nationally syndicated news articles. Huron House is a 14-room award-winning luxury destination with stunning views of Lake Huron and direct beach access. Guestrooms feature King beds, private decks, fireplaces, personal hot tubs and Jacuzzi tubs. A hot breakfast is delivered to guests in their rooms each day. (Top photo credit and thumbnail: Christian Giannelli Photography/Huron House Bed and Breakfast).

Sample media placements:

What a Hoot: The uber-romantic Huron House is popular among lovebirds and bird lovers, particularly since the B&B is so well situated just off the shore of Lake Huron and in Oscoda, which is part of the Huron National Forest, and home to over 400 types of birds. Plus, the Tawas Birding Festival is a big draw each May... but what about the rest of the year? Well, that's when we reached out to the Michigan Audubon Society to learn more about their workshops and various events and donations' opportunities, only to discover they have an adopt an owl program that is really spectacular because unlike most other adoption programs where you pay a donation toward a species or breed, the Michigan Audubon's program allows you to symbolically adopt a specific owl! This means, you get a photo of your actual owl, an adoption certificate, and more. We thought this was fantastic and immediately got to work creating a package for Huron House. The B&B wanted to include something guests could only attain through a stay, so we added a souvenir of a plush owl with a custom bandana that read: "Had a Hoot at Huron House." The little guy made a big impression. Al Heminger went on to ABC-TV to promote the getaway. The BirdingWire picked up the story and The Michigan Audubon included the getaway in their magazine. In 2019 the What a Hoot package was featured in The New York Times.

Chocolate Fondue: Huron House is well-known for its luxurious, romantic, ambiance. This March, the bed and breakfast wanted to highlight the experience to those who might not have had the chance to getaway in February for Valentine's Day. As a way to provide couples a way to try something new, and interactive, the innkeepers teamed up with the Village Chocolatier to offer guests an in-room fondue using locally-sourced chocolate. The intimate activity caught regional and national attention. Al Heminger, owner of the B&B, was interviewed for radio segments. The fondue was also featured in various news outlets.

Tax Day Vaca: We heard rumblings that a major media outlet was working on a tax day getaways' story and sprung into action, putting together various tax day deals, each with a different spin. For the Huron House Bed and Breakfast we chose a deal geared toward auto workers and freelancers and sweetened the amenities by including a local box of chocolates for $10.99. The deal was selected by CNBC for its story, which then got syndicated to various news outlets,