PR TiP: Start with a Great Package

Innkeepers everywhere know that packages attract attention. Putting a fresh spin and upgrading an amenity can take an ordinary package and make it spectacular. And well, spectacular packages can make for amazing press coverage.

Below are seven steps to create a buzz-worthy package worth the media spotlight. You may also CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD SOME FREE SAMPLE PACKAGES

1. Identify a news hook, such as: Upcoming holiday News peg (Mother's Day/Memorial Day/Cinco de Mayo) Celebratory event at your inn (anniversary; etc.)

2. List YOUR inn’s current offerings, for example:

  • Overnight accommodation
  • Homemade breakfast
  • Complimentary WiFi 
  • Mani/Pedis available by appointment

3. Add something that’s inexpensive and/or easy, like: A glass of wine from a local vineyard

4. Find a place at your inn where guests may enjoy this, e.g.: In the sun room's oversized chair or by the bay window in the living room or library

5. Add Adjectives/Descriptions

  • Energizing homemade breakfast
  • Complimentary WiFi so you can make all your friends 'jelly' (jealous)
  • A glass of locally-sourced wine upon your evening return

6. Stick on a Catchy Title: Sip and Chat Girlfriends' Getaway

7. Find Ways to Recycle this

  • Add new adjectives Create more titles Add different yet inexpensive/easy elements 
  • Maybe: Stitch and B-tch Needlepoint Getaway (maybe you have a yarn shop nearby
  • Maybe: Rise 'n Shine -- a yoga package
  • Maybe: Mani Your Business -- a girls' only getaway including a 'wine' session, manicures and pedicure

Another important element of recycling is repositioning. If you wrote a great press release, chop it up and use pieces on your blog. Re-write two or three sentences and post about your package on Facebook and other media channels. If you've included a local yarn or chocolate shop, ask if they'll share the package on their social media channels. Can you write a guest blog post for that local shop? Maybe they can write one for your blog and bring new eye balls and a fresh spin on something. Play up what you can -- maybe you can post photos on Instagram on the beautiful manicures guests will experience at your inn. Build excitement around your package and tell the world what's so great about this getaway. The more you clarify the experience and present it colorfully across your own media channels, the better the picture you're painting for others!