PR Tip: Think 'Micro'


So, micro-vacations are in.  

What is a micro-vacation you ask? They're short vacations. They're mini-moons. They're 2-to-3-day long weekends. They're the thing. Are you taking big advantage of this small trend?

As B&Bs, inns, and boutique hotels, you have a lot to offer -- particularly if you can create a jam-packed value-added package. 

Start by looking at your property's current offierings. Here's a sample list of a made up inn: 

  • Homemade breakfast

  • Complimentary WiFi

  • Bottomless local coffee

  • Walking distance to shops and restaurants

  • Mani/Pedis available by appointment (thanks to a nearby salon that's agreed to come to us)

Next, think of some key words: micro-getaways, 2-day escape, speed-visit Savannah, jam-packed 2-day adventure.

Now add some tongue-in-cheek humor to create a catchy title: Quick: relax package; Stop and smell the roses; Hurry up and vaca; R&R ASAP, etc.

After, assemble your pieces. Maybe you come away with something like this:


Need some rest and relaxation (in a hurry!)? This micro-vacation is for you! Stay two nights at ABC Inn and experience a week's worth of calm in just 48-hours. Save time on sourcing a locally-made breakfast, we've done that for you -- complete with bottomless coffee. You'll also maximize your down time by staying within walking distance to the most charming shops and restaurants within our hitoric district. ABC Inn offers mani/pedis nightly in your room. After all, why spend your day waiting for nails to dry? Do that as you drift away into a sweet slumber... or, as you post large, high-res, images to social media using our super speedy totally free WiFi.

Done? Great! Now recycle this. For starters, think about when else you could use this. Some ideas that spring to mind are: Daylight Savings Time and Mother's Day (under a premise of take time for yourself). Then blog it. Tweet it. Instagram some related images. More importantly, create an imaginary image -- a vision -- that someone can hold onto. But think of it, Snapchat-style. Be short and sweet and stay memorable. And remember, time is of the essence.