PR Tip: Join the conversation


Surely you know someone (who knows someone) who read Marie Kondo's book:The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing or watched her Netflix TV show: Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and decided to clean up, toss out, and find joy with less stuff. KonMari is basically all anyone's talking about. 

So, here's the 'media'-dollar question: Is your bed and breakfast talking about it?

Pop culture is a great way to draw attention to your property and that's because sharing something in common can help you connect with a former guest, grab the attention of a new one, or lead a hungry reporter (just shy one more business or property for a story) to your door.

Forbes recently ran a story called: Using KonMari Methods To Tidy Up And Spark Joy Into Customer Service, for instance. Hotel Digital Marketing posted a press release on How to Organize Your Web Content Like Marie Kondo. Even business school Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania chimed in asking if one's office and "Spark Joy."

So, how can you enter your voice into this lively discussion?  Maybe you could share your own KonMari experience using #KonMari on Twitter and send that tweet to a news outlet or writer too. Or, maybe you could write a blog post about recent funny KonMari stories you've heard from guests. Type #KonMari into the search bar on Twitter for more inspiration. Perhaps you could have a contest for guests applying one of the principles on decluttering, which aside from helping to lift the spirits of others, could help lift your social media visibility.

Oh, and if you try to KonMari and decide it's not for you.. you can write about that too!