PR Tip: Hit rewind


The news needs new. So, you’re going to have to think outside that cute heart-shaped chocolate box to land some last-minute Valentine’s Day placements. Like what? Good question. Here are some thought starters:

  • Maybe you could have custom fortune cookies made so a specific guest can propose? A site like this one gets you a dozen cookies for $18. Granted, the guest (ideally) proposes once to a resounding 'yes' and then the remaining cookies serve as mementos (if they’re super personalized with a name, etc). You might also want some straight-forward "Will you marry me?" cookies that guests could purchase at the last nano-second.

  • Maybe you offer a midweek special targeting area residents looking to raise the bar on creamy caramels and work with a partner or spouse to create a map of places to visit within 10-miles that are symbolic of their relationship (first kiss at Seton Park, first date at Bella restaurant, memorable LOL moment at corner of Oxford and 235th St, etc.) and have a special in-room dessert or bottle of local wine waiting for them upon return. The map can be as simple as using a map customizer or more involved using an artist from a site like Etsy. The idea is to offer a unique way to express love and adoration.

  • Perhaps you could work with a guest to create a customized scavenger hunt that leads a pair to various romantic spots in your city or town and culminates with a private candlelight dinner at your B&B?

  • Or, how about a getaway for singletons, an anti-valentine adventure of sorts? Take a look at the anti-pity party package by the W San Francisco mentioned in this article for inspiration.

Still stumped? Then hit rewind. Search online for Valentine’s Day getaways from last year5-years ago, even 10-years back. See any elements you like and can borrow or build upon? Scope out other local inns. What have they done? Could you possibly work with a B&B in a neighboring town for an inn-to-inn tour of some variety?

Poke around with an open mind and an open heart... then sharpen your little Cupid’s arrow and get to work.