PR Tip: Check the Calendar


Are you running a little low on ideas for what to build a promotion around to bring guests to your bed and breakfast? Maybe you'd love some inspiration -- something, anything, to get your mind in gear. Well, take a peek at National Whatever Day.

National Whatever Day is a website that lists things to celebrate on every single day of the year. And on the days that there isn't something specific to that day, there's surely a theme or two or five for the month.

Here's a link to its home page:

For more context, here's a link to 'days' in September: Let's imagine your B&B has a teddy bear theme, you might want to create some blog posts, Tweets, social media mentions, and maybe deliver teddy bears to your top three local journalists with news about what's happening at your B&B in advance of September 9th, which is Teddy Bear Day. Or, maybe you make delicious, from-scratch, cream-filled doughnuts using a recipe your great grandma whispered to your grandma; then September 14th, National Cream-Filled Doughnut Day, might be for you.

Now let's say you've scanned the list and none of the 'days' in September quite work for you. In that case, check out the whatever months. Here's September:; maybe Harvest Month is somehow the perfect fit.

You get the idea... think of the national whatever day website as a starting place. Other places to look for ideas: nearby colleges, events venues, visitors' bureaus, chambers of commerce, local cooking schools, etc.