PR Tip: Analyze your headline


What’s in a headline? A click (let’s hope).

The truth is: a catchy headline not only sets the mood for your content but it also boosts the chances that someone will read (and share) what you’ve written. A headline, in many ways is the most important part of your story, whether you're writing a blog, a press release, or an important email. So, how do you know if your headline is clever enough to be liked by readers and Internet search engines alike? You run it through a headline analyzer, like the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer. It’s free. And it’s quite thorough.

The CoSchedule Headline Analyzer will score your overall headline and rate its ability to result in social media shares, increased traffic, and give you an idea of its SEO value. It also tells you if your headline is too long, previews what it might look like on Google, and will gauge the sentiment of your message. 

It’s definitely worth a peek. Want to try it? Here’s the link: