PR Tip: Create Digital “Snacks”


Most people will skim a headline or a blog post but they won’t necessarily stop to read the whole thing. Sound familiar? 

The digital world is a great place for innkeepers to catch a journalist’s attention by creating snackable elements on your 'owned media' (in other words, places like your website, your social media channels, your newsletter). These bite-sized “snacks” can be quickly digested by a reporter, particularly if these nuggets are catchy and clever.

So, the next time you write a blog or create a Facebook post, think about what else you can do to make it more appetizing.


  • You can add a handful of beautiful step-by-step photos to a recipe post
  • You can make short and sweet factoids to complement a Facebook post on Twitter
  • You can create a fun sketch, a riddle, or if you have the graphics skills – an infographic

Once you have your “snacks,” make sure you share them. In addition to your own social media, find other places where the content would be welcome. One way to do this is to Google key words and see who else is doing something that aligns with what you’re doing. So, say your search leads you to YouTube and you find a vlogger making videos that are relevant to your business, reach out and see if they'd like to use some of your content.

Another cool tool? Buzzsumo, where you can use keywords to search for content and find the people who shared it. Before you reach out, take a moment to think about the best way to position your "snack." You’ll want to consider that person and their audience to figure out, in essence, what’s in it for them; this way you can offer an exclusive deal or photo, etc. to make your snack more tempting.

Last but not least, here's an example of a "snack" that made the news a few years back:

Making Caring Common, an organization that focuses on raising caring kids, had this artwork created and within hours it was posted on the and shared on social media.