SourceBottle 101



SourceBottle is a free online resource that connects journalists with sources. The site was created by a 'mompreneur' in Australia but has since expanded to include media queries in the United States and beyond.

SourceBottle works very similarly to HARO from a source's point of view; and innkeepers qualify as sources.

Here's how it works:

  1. Create a free account. Then choose topics and countries that interest to you. We suggest you create a separate email account to receive these types of notifications so that you don't accidentally miss one from a guest or prospective guest.
  2. Drink up! Soon after you'll start receiving email alerts called "Drink Up!" with a summary of current call outs for sources on your topics of interest.
  3. Click and Respond. If you see a query that you think is a fit, click it to learn more and then reply online.

Like most sites, SourceBottle has some basic guidelines, which you may view here. For the most part, it's straight forward. We haven't found it to be as voluminous as HARO but it's been in existence for several years, continues to grow, and is worth a look.