PR Tip: Think small


Little trips are set to make a large impression this year. It seems weekend getaways that squeeze more experiences into a shorter time frame could spell big business for local economies, and consequently for B&Bs. Many magazines and news outlets are starting to report on this "bite-sized travel" micro-trip trend.

Though travelerss aren't just getting in the car and zipping away to just anywhere. They're after curated experiences or bucket-list adventures; like beer on tap in the room or guest art classes. I imagine some of you are thinking: Well, we don't have the budget to have beer on tap at the inn, let alone the individual rooms. Still, chances are there's a local brewery and/or a local art school (or something else!) that could help you create a parallel experience. 

So, where might you begin? Pretend you've never been to your property and enter the address on an online map. Now search what's nearby. Is there a yoga studio? Ice cream parlor? Fitness center? Visit their websites to learn about their likely classes and events. If something sticks out that you could create an experiential package around -- great! If not, what do you think might interest one of your guests? Do you have many yogis stay with you? Perhaps you attract more foodies? Reach out to local businesses and ask to speak with the manager or owner, explain you're looking to create more experiences for your guests and garner more media attention. Then, ask if he or she would be willing to work together to create a class or one-off workshop. Not only could this help strengthen your ties within the community but you might be able to cross-promote the experience across your combined social media channels -- doubling your original reach!

With a new experience in hand, remember to write a press release and distribute it, chop it up to create a blog post and other social media fodder. Need a little bit more info. on these next steps? Check out the link below for info on: