PR Tip: Read your reviews


Sometimes to get a new idea, we need to look at what we're already doing. We find this to be particularly true when it comes to our bed and breakfast clients. We get many ideas for media pitches by reading guest reviews (as well as scrolling through new imagery on their websites and looking to see what their local businesses have in store).

Reviews tend to be current and provide a snapshot at what's happening now at a particular inn. Sometimes guests will say they loved a certain amenity and wouldn't it be nice if the property also offered x, y, z. That gives us a jumping off point for a new package. Other times, guests will rave about a teeny tiny off the beaten path tea shop or coffee shop, offering the opportunity for collaboration with a spot that might not have previously been on our radar. 

There are many other ways that reviewing ones reviews can spur new ideas. Take a look at this article on 58 creative marketing ideas for your B&B or hotel by ODYSYS. We think you'll likely want to try a few.