PR Tip: Repeat what works


Low on time? Check the calendar (last year's calendar) to see what made headlines around this time in 2017 then find a way to recycle it with your own spin for this year. Here's how in six steps: 

Step 1: Go to and type in a search, let's say: "december getaways"

Step 2: Click on "tools" under the magnifying glass in the search box and in the row that populates underneath it change "any time" to "past year"

Step 3: You should see various results, like:

Step 4: Write down the writer's name, scroll through the story and note which properties/packages are featured. Do you have similar amenities? Maybe you have something even better? Or, perhaps, you didn't host J. K. Rowling as she ferociously penned her last Harry Potter book in one of your rooms but you are into magic and you can come up with an original adults-only wizards weekend that's sure to be the talk of the town. 

Step 5: Do your best to find the writer's email online for free. If all else fails and you've Googled to no end, called the magazine or the newspaper, etc. and s/he is a freelancer without a company email, consider sending a quick Tweet, using a paid directory to obtain an email, or moving on to another writer who is easier to reach.

Step 6: Once you've come up with how to be best position your B&B, write a short and sweet email to the writer you have in mind, mention you read their previous story, and ask for his or her consideration should they be writing again this year; make sure to include your package in the email!