PR Tip: Get Cookin'

In theory, breakfast is half of the recipe for success for a bed and breakfast. So, it makes sense that you would want guests to rave about your eggs benedict, waffles, or homemade pumpkin oat chocolate chip breakfast cookies, amongst other things. It also makes sense to use those recipes you've worked on so hard to your advantage.

One good way to get good press for your B&B is to publish a book of recipes. You'll need to have recipes that are your own and you'll need to have amazing photos. Photos will help get bloggers and more traditional journalists to write about your cookbook or to use your recipe as a guest blog post. Plus, a great photo can be cropped and re-used to build excitement around it on social media (think: a photo of crumbs teasing your too good to last cookie recipe). Keep in minding that timing is crucial... in the kitchen and with the press. A cookbook published around Thanksgiving is smart timing, as media tends to look for meals and recipes -- both traditional and new.

All this said, putting together a whole cookbook takes time and effort. If you're not sure if it's the type of project you want to take on by yourself, perhaps you'll want to consider teaming up with other B&Bs, like the Asheville Bed and Breakfast Association recently did, earning them great coverage in the Winston-Salem Journal (make sure to check out the slideshow with those yummy images!)

The cookbook was also featured on several blogs and websites. Here is a smattering:

Citizen Times

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