4 Quick Instagram Tips

Add a Link to Your Profile. Some of you may already know this but Instagram likes to keep users on Instagram, which means adding a link to describe a photo won’t work to take someone off Instagram and onto your meticulously designed website. If you want to include a link that will take an Instagram user to your website, then put it in your profile. As a backup plan, you may also link through a button on a sponsored post but that costs money; whereas adding a link to your profile is free.

Run Your Promo. Posting a photo with information on a promotion is a great tactic, especially if you ask users to repost that image with a custom hashtag (or keyword). Promos help your followers “talk” about your brand on their personal pages and drive more people to your Instagram page. At the same time, creating a promo code just for Instagram allows you to track its success.

Stay Social. Interacting with your followers will show them that you care and that you’re “listening.” When people feel like they matter, they are more likely to act like they matter.

Use Instagram Online and Onsite. On the desktop version of Instagram, you can find an embed code to add specific images and videos to your bed and breakfast’s website. This code can show guests that you're active on Instagram and help bring you more followers. Also consider posting a sign at your B&B with your Instagram handle (Instagram screen name) and placing it in a high traffic area – perhaps at your check-in desk or on a coffee or breakfast table (show off your food!). If you know of places at your B&B that make for spectacular photos, think about posting a sign letting guests know the particular spots are Insta-worthy. This not only reminds guests to take photos and post them but also helps you put your best “look” forward, which can help to entice future guests who want the snapshots (and the experience) too.