TheBedAndBrunchProject Coming Soon to Instagram

We all know of someone who claims massive success via Instagram -- whether that's a boost in followers, an increase in website traffic, or extra money from sponsored posts. Many properties, like Hilton have created a whole job around the bustling social media platform. But what about direct bookings to your B&B? Could posting photos on your own Instagram account build enough momentum to then earn you direct bookings by guests via your website? Even better, could your own Instagram account in cooperation with a larger B&B focused Instagram account direct traffic to your website and provide direct bookings? We want to find out. 

This September, Bed & Brunch PR will launch the TheBedAndBrunchProject on Instagram. In order to really battle test this, we're going to need bed and breakfasts to be just as curious as we are about how this could affect their bottom lines. We're hoping since there's no cost to participate and various perks (outlined below) that you'll join us. We're telling you about this now because for many of you summer is peak season, which means you have plenty of opportunities to take great photos of your bustling B&Bs now that you can post later.

How it Works:

  • Email us at and let us know you plan to participate.
  • We will be available to you by phone/email to help set up your Instagram account, if you'd like the help. Again, there is no charge to participate.
  • We'll ask that you take lots of pictures now and save them for later use. 
  • Starting in September we'll request that you post two photos per day to your instagram account. We will share with you several hashtags to use with all posts and ask that you also post hashtags specific to your property. If you're unsure what this means, we're here to help with that too -- again, at no cost.
  • We will share your photos on the TheBedAndBrunchProject Instagram account; therefore doubling your efforts and ideally -- in time -- your reach.
  • We will create a landing page on the website with details of all participating B&Bs and as we begin to gain momentum, we will approach media for potential media stories.

What We'll Need From You:

  • You must be a bed and breakfast, boutique hotel, or an inn. We are not accepting airbnbs or large hotels at this time.
  • You must strive to post two photos every day (starting in September) to your own Instagram account along with your own hashtags (we can help with this) and some common hashtags we'll need on each photo to keep a baseline for this experiment.
  • Attention to traffic and direct bookings, so 6-months later we can gauge the success of this project.

What You'll Receive From Us:

  • We'll help via phone/email to set up your Instagram account, if you'd like us to.
  • We'll provide help, as needed, with hashtags.
  • We'll share your photos via the TheBedAndBrunchProject Instagram account.
  • We'll create a landing page on the website with details of all participating B&Bs
  • We'll approach media for potential media stories as we begin to gain momentum.

What We Hope to Find Out:

  • If Instagram, through individual accounts and one gigantic account only showing photos of B&Bs, boutique hotels, and inns, can help properties increase profits via direct bookings.

Cost to Participate: $0