PR TIP: Get on a List


It’s not just Santa that’s checking his list… ‘tis the season for journalists to do it too… is your B&B making a great im’press’ion?

Listicles are very popular these days. A listicle is an article written in list form. Given our love for Twitter and increasingly short attention spans, this type of article is becoming more widespread. Sometimes, clever copy on your website and/or pitch can land you in one of them; other times an eye-popping photo does the trick.

Does your B&B have a beautiful fireplace? Is it modern? Antique? Fully decorated for the holidays? Might one be able to have the best hot chocolate of their lives at your inn (perhaps seated to said fireplace)? Think. Think. Think. You have something that can make it on some list somewhere. Here are some examples:

For some tips on how to take incredible photos, check out our interview with professional photographer Marcus Berg.

Keep an eye on HARO for opportunities to respond to related queries. If you’re on Instagram, make sure you’re uploading photos there with appropriate hashtags to draw attention to them. And if you’re not already participating, please join our Instagram project!