PR Tip: Remember the Movies

Almost every Valentine's Day there's a blockbuster film ready to make its big debut. And it turns out, that movie everyone's waiting to see, could be your launching pad into top tier media coverage. 

Take the 50 Shades saga. The first movie: 50 Shades of Grey was released on Friday, February 13, 2015 (the day before Valentine's Day). This year, 50 Shades Darker will be released on Friday, February 10th.

Let's take a quick look at some of the media stories in line with this from 2015:

The list goes on and on... and then, of course, there are those that saw a golden opportunity to change the shade, so-to-speak. put together a story on '50 Shades of Escape: Literary Trips to Heat Up Your February.' 

While a 50 shades package isn't for every inn; surely some properties may decide against the idea to stay true to their brand. For those who are willing to, um, go outside their 'comfort zones' adding some toy handcuffs, offering a professional photographer for a boudoir shoot, and slapping a tongue-in-cheek title on your package may just do the trick to wrangle in some press placements. A sense of humor can also help... after the 50 Shades of Grey book was a smashing success, an anonymous chef published a book called Fifty Shades of Chicken, which landed him (or her) on -- along with a tantalizing Mustard Spanked Chicken recipe, which you'll find there too.

And then there's the flip side -- for every couple looking for a romantic (or a racy) getaway, there's a single gal either looking to change her singlehood status by next Valentine's Day or another whose had it with the dating scene. So, consider multiple packages for your property for V-Day and pitch them separately, even if to the same writer, each with a different subject line, since that will make or break your likely click.

How do you target the gal that's single but doesn't want to be? Offer a girlfriend's getaway but add a unique incentive. Perhaps there's a salsa dancer instructor in your area who can teach sultry moves to a small group class, or a photographer who's available to take 'eat your heart out' online dating profile photos as part of a package.

And for the women who'd rather forget about hearts and candy all together? Well, if you're a dog-friendly property consider a ''dogs before dudes' package where there's a special doggie-and-me breakfast and a map to a nearby dog-friendly place to hike (check out Hike With Your Dog for some ideas). Or, team up with a local museum or venue to offer something totally out of the box. I have a hard time even writing this next one up but it was a genius idea: in New York City, the Bronx zoo was encouraging people to name a cockroach after their ex. I kid you not, here's that story. And for only $35 you get a plush Madagascar hissing roach too. Ick. Genius but ick. Made the headlines though.