How to Write a Press Release

Want to grab media attention for your inn? Think 'upside down.'

Yep, like, bottom's up.
Writers receive so many emails that their inboxes are stuffed with great ideas that may never have their digital day. Attentions spans are short too. If you want to get noticed, you have to get to the point -- and fast. You'll need to write your press release in the Inverted Pyramid-style, which means the most important information goes first, then you add some key elements, and a the end you sprinkle some color; much like an upside down triangle or pyramid.
To start, think of the main point of your message and boil it down to one sentence -- that sentence goes on top. Ideally, it answers several of the 5Ws and 1H of journalism: Who? Why? What? When? Where? And How?
Next you want a short paragraph with some key details.
Lastly, add some background information.
So, let’s say your inn is hosting a knitting workshop and you're targeting crafting magazines, after your attention-grabbing headline, your first paragraph might look like this:

Your next paragraph might include a quote about your excitement (as the innkeeper) that moves the story forward. You could also include more of the pertinent details about why the event is happening now (highlight the timeliness) or note something specific that attendees will learn, like this:

Your third paragraph adds more details.


And then you'll want to wrap it up.

While this is a condensed version of a press release, it demonstrate the key elements you'll need, in addition to your headline sub-headline, and contact information, of course. Click here to view a full sample of a recent press release we created for an inn.