4 Ways to Reuse Your Press Release

We know that innkeepers are so busy that writing a great press release can seem like a huge challenge. But once you’ve taken the time to write your release, the good news is it’s easy to reuse it in many different ways for minimal effort.

Here are four ways you can turn a single press release into shareable pieces of content that will support your message.

Chop it Up: Find a great sentence or two from your release and post it on Facebook or Twitter with a photo. In fact, identify a few sentences that you like and use Facebook’s time release feature (or Twitter's) to post those sentences throughout the week with a photo (you don't need a photo but you will get more impressions with a photo). You might spend 10-minutes getting this set up but that could take you through a week or two of social media posts.

Beef it Up: Find something within your release that you can expand upon. Maybe you mention the beautiful foliage surrounding your bed and breakfast. In this case, take a close up of some colorful leaves and show your prospective guests the beauty of your area. Maybe you have a garden that you can write a blog post about. Perhaps there was a wedding at this time last year with lovely Fall photos you can share.  If possible, look for three things you can expand upon and create a series to last you through the week, or even the month – with a single source of inspiration.

Make a Meme:  Upload a photo and type a sentence from your press release into a free meme generator. This allows for your information to live online in a different format. 

Create an Article: Change a few sentences and restructure the flow of your release and you have a great article that you can use in your monthly e-newsletter.