Snapchat Support Group

Does it feel like just when you get done mastering one social media platform, there's another one you should know about (and have mastered)? You're not alone!

Snapchat, once thought to be an app to exchange photos and messages that you didn't really want lingering has become a fast growing app with more than 150 million active users. In other words, your business could greatly benefit from being on Snapchat. But where to start? Well, how about we start together. You see, right now Bed & Brunch PR has two friends on Snapchat (three if you count the Snapchat team that occasionally messages us). So, we invite you to join us so we can learn Snapchat together through bite-sized monthly assignments.

Assignment number 1: Download Snapchat onto your phone, find us (bedandbrunchpr), and send us a request to connect. We'll be sure to send you a message in return for your bravery :-) Then play around with it -- the format might be confusing at first but the news is presented in a really interesting way.