PR Tip: Celebrate Food


What did you do for National Sandwich Day? Subway went all out… rallying a group of social media influencers to promote the chain’s National Sandwich Day campaign on November 3rd. If you missed it, search

#GoodDeedFeed on Twitter where you can surely catch up.

Social media influencers like Zach King (who has more than 16-million Instagram followers), Chachi Gonzales (1-million + on YouTube), and others created videos, posted photos, and shared GIFs on social media.

The sandwich chain also bought a sponsored hashtag on Twitter, which invited customers to buy any sub or drink on November 3rd and get a free sandwich of equal or lesser value. (Click here to view the press release). For each purchase, Subway donated a meal to Feeding America, the nationwide network of 200 food banks that provide food to more than 46 million people through 60,000 food pantries and meal programs across the U.S.

Outreach for the campaign was underway by mid-October though preparations were very likely arranged long in advance. While it’s unknown exactly when Subway began prepping for this campaign, given the scope of the project, the non-profit component, and the inclusion of social media influencers, it’s likely arrangements began about a year prior.

In addition to this, Subway also hosted a dedicated Mic content series, which also launched in October. The series featured stories from franchisees and families served by the Feeding America food banks. Each time the content was shared, Mic also made a meal donation.

Check out a sampling of the social media posts below tied to #GoodDeedFeed:


When it comes to media placements – the efforts undertaken by Subway brought tremendous results. Search for Subway and National Sandwich Day on Google and more than the first 20-pages worth of results are dedicated to this latest campaign.

So, what can we learn from this campaign in terms of bed and breakfasts, inns or boutique hotels?

  1. Preparation is key – National Sandwich Day is just one day (Nov 3rd this year) but preparation for it likely started last year.
  2. Involve social media influencers – Subway knew who was speaking to their demographic and engaged those social media butterflies to help spread its message.
  3. Give back to the community – By donating to a specific charity, in line with the theme of the campaign, Subway was able to raise the interest in its campaign and bring attention to its shops too. (As a side note: working with a charity requires several months of lead time as there are legalities, paperwork, and parameters involved; be sure to plan for this.)
  4. Keep it fun – Each Instagram post, tweet, video, etc. was unique and interesting and light. The element of surprise kept people engaged.
  5. Do many things – A single-prong approach will not have the reach of a multi-prong approach. Subway sponsored a hashtag, gave away product, teamed up with a charity, worked with influencers, issued a press release, hosted a Mic content series, and much more. It’s important to think of all the ways people connect, then find a way to join them in those various styles of communication.