Maria Coder and Jay Hassler

Having grown up traveling the world and living in hotels, Bed & Brunch PR started as a way to combine my inexplicable love of houses and small towns with my background in journalism and PR. After spending the first half of my career choosing stories and writing them for multiple media outlets, like the Associated Press, Gannett, AOL,, and others, I decided to flip the script. Around 2008 I swapped paper and pen for a megaphone and started doing public relations at agencies and companies, ultimately writing a book and getting myself into the news. In 2012 I teamed up with Jay, and shortly after we launched our own publicity firm. We also got married.

Modern tools + old-fashioned service

We love what we do. And we do it well, but since there are only two of us, we have to choose our projects carefully. 

We start early, work late, make lots of phone calls, and triple-check everything. And while we have the latest and greatest industry tools, we have something that's even more important among publicists: common sense (which is actually not that common).

How may we help you?

Thinking about public relations for your product, service, or property? Please send us a note and tell us much more.

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